We said good-bye to Luis on Friday.  Our Emergency Foster Care was two weeks long,and once again we found ourselves learning and growing immensely through the process.  Thought we would try and consolidate our lessons here for you.
Top things learned about hosting a teenage boy for Foster Care:
10.  Have lots of food on hand.
9.  If you have any junk food they will find it and eat it.
8.  If you have more than one teen boy over for dinner, there will not be any leftovers.
7.  Fire is a great way to entertain teen boys (we won’t write it on line, but you can ask in person).
6.  Teenage boys like teenage girls, and when you say he can call his girlfriend any time, he will . . . any time he is not asleep.
5.  Teenage boys like to sleep (very different from 7 week old babies).
4.  When not sleeping Teenage boys like video games (even better video games with snacks).
3.  Guitar Hero is THE video game of the moment.
2.  When given the opportunity said teenage boy loved learning, about history, about computers, about us, about finances, about family . . . we were thrilled when we discovered, if we gave him the chance to learn, he always stepped up.
1.  Teenage boys are wonderful.
We had a wonderful time with Luis.  We ended every day sitting down together talking about what we were grateful for, and we found that even in the hardest of times, gratitude draws us closer together and into community.
Thanks again for being our community.
Liza & Andrew