Andrew and I received and email this morning letting us know that Darla had the baby boy on Monday, June 22.  He is doing well, we think.

Darla called our caseworker last night here is what our caseworker wrote,

“She has mixed feelings as expected, but cried when she asked if you both would still be interested in adopting her baby.  She believes that she cannot take him with her and that adoption is best for him.  She stated that, when he leaves the hospital (which is not planned as yet), she only trusts the two of you to care for him.”

So it looks like we are moving forward with Darla.  But you know this is not a straight path.  The caseworker is meeting with Darla on Monday, we will know next steps on Tuesday.

Hard to be in the waiting while there is a little life in the hospital, so appreciate your prayers.