National Adoption Day is Friday, November 20.

It is also the day that the Sharpteam is planning on bringing home a baby boy.

We met little happy, hefty, baby last Friday, and the plan is to bring him home as our Foster Child while we walk through the next months as pre-adoptive parents (no adoption is official on day one).

He is almost five months old, has been living with a foster mom in Dorchester.  We will be meeting her and picking him up on Friday morning.  And then we will be entering the great unknown (that so many of our friends and family have walked through).

So we are soliciting advice.

Please, let us know what we should be doing – we are figuring out what a five month old does, eats, likes, dislikes . . . and we need to name him.

If you would like to see our first couple of pics from last week’s meeting, we are publishing those privately, let us know and we will send you a password so  you can see the private posts on here (as a foster child we cannot post here).

So appreciating our friends and family.  We will keep all updated here.

Liza & Andrew