We have changed our mind three times today.  The name thing is not quite there . . .

We have decided he is not a Canaan, though we love the name and adore the meaning.

Here is the struggle:

Whatever we name him, his middle name will be “Ian.”  It is his given name, it means “God is gracious” or “God is forgiving.”  We love including it and grafting in a piece of his birthmother into his name.

If we name him Malakai we will call him Kai.  We love the name Kai.

Malakai means “God’s messenger”  if we name him Malakai Ian, his name will mean “God’s messenger that God is gracious.”

If we name him Jaxon we will call him Jax or Jack.  Jax is a little crazy and Jack a little common, trying to figure that out.

Jaxon and Ian are both derivatives of John.  His name would mean something to the effect of “God is gracious, God is forgiving”

If we name him Colton, we will call him Cole.  We think he might look like a Cole.  We like the name Cole.

The meaning of Colton is “From the dark town”  this can be a downer of a meaning, but there is truth in it, this baby went through it in the womb.  He survived a lot and came out so healthy and happy.  Colton Ian would mean “From the dark town into God’s grace.”  Pretty good.

Any further comments?

We never thought we would be these parents.

But here we are, naming him in community.  And we are finding that we love that.