Blogging is an odd realm.  It has been a good place for us to share and record our journey as foster parents.  It was a vulnerable place to walk through the steps of adoption (maybe more to come on this).  The Sharpteam is unsure of blog uses in the days ahead.  But for the month of July, we are going to celebrate Summer on the North Shore of Boston (or wherever we are) . . .

As a child the days of summer lingered, and it was a full season lived out in watermelon seeds, exploring river banks, long days in the Adirondacks and toasting marshmallows.  As an adult the days tend to rush by too quickly, and I am concerned that I do not suck the juices out of the joys.  So we are on a new journey together, me and Andrew (and you are invited).  Each day in July we are committed to capturing and image of something that we love, and posting it here.  We are going to embrace and mark the days.

I am beginning with two images that I love today.  Simple and close to home.  Both are at our front door.  This is our first summer in a house together.  And I love that we get to have flowers, our own little nature to enjoy.  I celebrate summer in flowers today.