As a kid, summer was always a time to explore. On my bike or with friends, we would find hidden trails, new short cuts and peak through neighbor’s yards. I still love exploring. In high school we played Landmark in sports so I’d been to the school previously, but I never really looked at the area or the campus. It’s ever so sweet with overgrown bushes along the paths and various ocean front estates all intermixed. It was fun to walk along these paths with the love of my life and see a new sweet place through holes in the fences and gaps in the shrubs.

And then inside the building was such beautiful architecture. It looked like this building may have been an old carriage house. At this particular spot they had added on to where there was a rock wall. Instead of removing it they kept the rock wall and used it as an inside wall. A lovely surprise of the outside being brought inside. I love the opportunities of exploration in the summer.