September has arrived.

For us, that means new words.

I have posted before here about how Andrew and I choose words at the beginning of each year, words to guide us through the year.  We continue with this tradition.

In addition this year I am on an tandem journey one I am calling “My Mindfulness Project.” It is based on a book my friend Lisa and I read together at the beginning of this year, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Reuben.  Lisa and I have chosen a theme each month to focus on, to be mindful of.

July was a month of Adventure.  One of my goals was to post a picture everyday, to see with new eyes the daily adventures.  And it was a tremendous joy for me and for Andrew.  There was great accountability in blogging and also a real marking of our journey.  When I wrote out the lessons I learned in July, my first lesson was,“Intention brings with it anticipation and reflection, both of which enhance my embracing and remembering.” Because I was intentional in July I looked forward more with anticipation.  I also remember more clearly and fondly.  So Andrew is in and we are going to try and blog every day in September . . . but because the words are different the goal is different.

We will be blogging about a number of things this month.  There will still be pictures.  September’s words are . . . . Organization & Rhythm.  So we have some big and little projects that we will be blogging about.

We also have just read “No Impact Man” by Colin Beavan and are in agreement that we will also experiment with going greener this month, challenging ourselves to have less negative impact on our planet.

So there will be a post a day here . . . and it will be an Adventure for us.

Sharpteam adventuring in the Adirondacks in August.