I love the idea of being organized.  I am a believer that there should be a place for everything and that everything should be in its place.  Living in an ordered environment is peaceful for me . . . seeking order is a bit less enjoyable . . . but oh the results!

The first thing we are doing as we seek to bring organization and rhythm to our lives is noticing . . . asking ourselves . . .

What place in the house do we not like to look at?

What door do we open and wish that behind it there was more order?

Where in our day does it feel chaotic?

When does our timing just feel off?

We allow ourselves to recognize that really, we don’t have to do anything about any of it, we can just identify where the problems are.  A plan will come later.

So the last week of August, Andrew and I came up with a list.  We chose three big projects and identified lots of little ones.  And we wrote them down.

So how did we answer those questions?

What places in our life need some organization?

  1. The Garage
  2. The New Shed
  3. Liza’s Closet
  4. Our Bedside Tables
  5. The Spice Cabinet
  6. Cole’s Kitchen Cabinet

. . . and more

What parts of our days need a little more structure?

  1. Our Mornings
  2. Our Laundry times
  3. Getting to bed earlier
  4. Getting a little more “exercise” into our days

. . .  and more

So we know what we want to tackle, now to figure out how to get it done . . .