In the morning, Oh Lord, I hear your voice, in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation. Psalm 4:8

The verse we begin each day with.

When I was in our High School Marching Band, we would practice marching in the parking lot, all working together to step on the same foot at the right time.  Sometimes one’s foot might get off from the others, our band leader, Mr. Ianni, instructed us to do a little two step to the rhythm of “cha-cha-cha” and you would be on again with everyone else.  It worked every time.

Finding a rhythm when life changes can prove to be a challenge, it takes more than a little two-step for me to regain a cadence in my days.  This was clear when we received our first foster child, seven week old Patty, she changed the rhythm of everything as you may sense in our first post.

So when on October 23, 2009 we closed on a house and got word that a baby would be arriving and this time the baby would stay, we both knew that our sense of normalcy was leaving us for a while, and that for both of us prioritizing finding new rhythms would be important.

So . . . one of our goals for the year is to find rhythm, and as the seasons change in September, we are focusing on that again.  Finding ways to make our days have structure and consistency so we can dance through them . . . .