When Andrew and I got married there were adjustments in the rhythms of life . . . all of them were good.  I love marriage.  The most difficult one for us to navigate was how to schedule our mornings. Since the age of sixteen I have taken time each morning on my own to read and pray.  And honestly, I liked the part about being alone.  I also really loved being with Andrew.

So those first days of marriage we talked it through.  We worked it out so that we began the day with alone time, I stayed in our room, he had a little bedroom where we put a couch.

Then he got ready and prepared breakfast, and we had breakfast in bed (this was true from the first weeks of marriage through the first few months of having Cole that is almost seven years of breakfast in bed served by my husband)!  Then we would read and pray together, and then the day was off to a good start.

And then there was Cole . . .

He really shifted everything.  Our mornings all started to depend on him. With times awake in the middle of the night, we let him dictate what time we awoke (sometimes as early as 4:30), we shifted a great deal, and then had a talk in February and refocused our mornings.

With the summer our mornings were a little more laid back, but as the school year begins and our schedules shift we have recognized that it was time again to have that talk and choose what our mornings would look like.  We are both up before Cole, we are both getting quiet time (Andrew is exercising too).  And then we all have family time . . . no more breakfast in bed, but a pretty lovely breakfast none-the-less.

Embracing new rhythms (and talking about them as the seasons change).

I love our family mornings together.  And I love that we have intentionally chosen routine so that we are assured that every day begins well!