So if you are following us as we post throughout September, you will remember the Sharpteam is making a concerted effort to go greener.  We made it through our Week 1 of Making Less Trash .

Putting out the trash today we are in agreement that we are doing better and that we can keep getting better . . .

We are now in Week 2 . . .

Week 2: Consume Less

This is a difficult one for us . . . when we followed No Impact Man, he stopped buying things all together . . . not for us.  We know that we could also only buy recycled, but we are not there either . . . so we came up with our own four rules for September.  Here is what the Sharpteam will be doing to consume less.

1.  Budget our Spending

We have stuck to monthly budgets in the past, but we are not currently spending within limits, so we have agreed to budget our spending, determining what is a good amount to spend on groceries, entertainment and other necessities.

2.  No Impulse Buying

We are definitely in the habit of being at the store, seeing something we want, and getting it on the spot.  In all honesty, we do a pretty good job of editing our purchases, however we know that we could find coupons, find items in other places, and might think twice at other times . . . so for the month of September all purchases are planned, talked about and agreed upon.

3.  Consume Less Electricity

No Impact Man went electricity free at the end of his experiment, and we may try that for a day or two at the end of the month . . . but for now we have agreed to use less electricity (though with those cloth diapers we are doing more laundry) ahhh, we are sorting all of this out.

4. Consume Less Water

Water is a precious commodity and we could certainly be more conscientious about our use of it.  We are working together to consume less water every day.

Little steps for the sharpteam. Together we want our impact on the planet to be positive.

Making less trash and consuming less . . .