I have kept a to do list since my freshman year in college.  Back in those days I had a Dayplanner and updated my list weekly, checking things off daily . . . I still have lots of little boxes of Dayplanners somewhere the system looked liked this, and I loved it.

Those who know me know that I am now a laptop girl.  And annually Apple seems to be making my organizing easier . . .

I love how their programs are all integrated with one another and I use them interactively:

If you send me an email about an updated phone number, I can click on the number and it will update it in my address book with a click.  If you send me a time to meet you at Starbucks, I can click on the time and it will add the event to my calendar.  If you were so kind as to invite Andrew too, I can add his name to the event and it will add the event to his calendar and send him an email . . . it is lovely!

However.  I do not love Apple’s “To Do’s” and I do not use them.  I am waiting for them to advance.

Here is how I keep track of my to-do’s . . .

Back in the day before iCalendar, I briefly had a Palm Pilot, they have always had a great to do list and I use it to this day . . . You can download it here

Here is what I love about this program:

1.  I can color code my to do’s

2.  And I can add a reoccurring to do (it automatically has “Email Meema” every Tuesday, as that is the day my grandmother and I touch base)

3.  Ending Dates – That reoccurring event can just be on my calendar forever (like with Meema) or there can be an end added, like when I know the school year will come to an end and I no longer need to write a summary of my time with Oscar Rasco

Let me articulate that I no longer have a Palm, and this is not integrated with anything else on my computer, but I love the functionality and am holding out until I find something better and I so hope that will be on Apple soon.

I always encourage my students to find whatever works for them.

This is where I keep my to do’s.  It is open throughout my day.  And I love checking things off, often.