When I first heard about the theory of “Adventure and Retreat,” it was in reference to raising children.  My professor spoke about the benefit of learning to adventure outward and then the necessity of a safe, healthy place to retreat to for children.  I resonated with this rhythm.  It was already a part of how Andrew and I did life together.  We planned times out, exploring, learning, challenging.  And then we both loved creating a haven of a home for us to return to.

When we became Emergency Foster Care Parents it became a natural part of how we welcomed kiddos into our lives and home.  We planned adventures for each child, something special and fun for them to do with us, and then at night we would come home and have a clear end of the day routine.

We had the opportunity this past weekend to host two little girls, and even though they were some of our youngest foster companions, we stayed with the theory and we adventured out . . . .  We took three under three to King Richard’s Faire (see here).  Then we took them to one of our favorite local farms, Russell Orchards . . .

They had the best time . . .

After the farm we went home for a lunch and a nap . . . and then back out adventuring again for a four mile walk up the canal

They were so great!

Nap times were amazing, all went down without any trouble and down again at night.

It was a great weekend of adventuring and retreating.  We recommend it for kids of all ages (especially those approaching 40).