I would love a Butler’s Pantry, a little spot to put serving ware and dish ware.

What I love about the idea of a Butler’s Pantry is not only is there a place for everything, but there is enough for guests.

Growing up, my parents were fantastic hosts.  They had people over for cocktails and for dinner often.

My uncle, Ben, my parents, Mimi & Brad

I was always welcome to bring friends over.  And truly my memories of these times are wonderful and good . . . but . . . often we would have to grab a glass out of the dishwasher and wash it in order to have enough glasses for everyone.


We have solved that problem in our little family today.

Here is the dry sink my father passed down to me . . .

It is stocked, not with alcohol, like back in the day, but with glasses.  When people stop over or are coming over, these are the glasses that we use.  It doesn’t matter if we have run the dishwasher or not. There is always a glass to be found.

At our house we have special glasses for guests, as well as special mugs.  We have special spoons set aside, ready for when people have coffee and tea.  There are special towels and sheets awaiting guests.  When I say special, I mean extra.  This was not a major investment, but a small one.  But there are extra and they are saved for sharing, so they are special.

Organizing Tip of the Day: Choose to have some extra items on hand, and keep them special so they are ready for guests.


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