I don’t know how people do it.

Being a grown up is a lot of work.

A good deal has changed for us in the past year.  We added a new house and a new baby last fall, and one year later we are recognizing that those two things have added to our responsibilities a hunndred-fold.

So this year we came up with the Annual List.  It is a check list of things that we want to do/need to do each year.

These are not the fun things like “adventure” and “nurture community,” these are the nitty gritty things like “get the fireplace cleaned” and “get the car inspected.”

Thus far it is working.

At the beginning of the month we read over our list and each week we try and be sure to tackle a couple of the things on the list.

We are finding new rhythms and new responsibilities and embracing them by using an Annual List.