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Andrew and I want to have a home that is ready for guests to stop by.  One of the simple things that makes us both feel comfortable inviting people over at a moments notice is having beverages.  It sounds like such a little thing, but it is lovely to be able to offer people a variety of beverages, with a higher chance of us having something they will like.

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One place that caused us stress in the past was after dinner.  We do not drink coffee, so we bought a little coffee maker and were never sure what to do with it . . . not very hospitable.

So this year for Christmas our present to each other was a Keurig.


Usually we give each other experiences for holidays (a trip, an adventure, something that we do together).  This was an experience we wanted to give our guests . . . a good cup of coffee.

So we always have coffee and tea options for our guests, and they have been in little mismatched baskets.

You can kinda see the tea basket above Cole in this picture . . . he is a cutie!

So this week we found some bins that we liked at The Container Store and we reorganized a bit.  Here are the results:

What would you like?  Coffee?

Or tea?

Here is how it is looking.  The cabinet is makeshift, but we are making it work.

Organizational Project: Pull together coffee and tea options.

Organizational Tip:  Think through options that you would like at someone else’s house, then expand and add some options you would not choose.  We have all kinds of soda and coffee, we don’t drink any of them, but they are not going bad, they are just waiting to be chosen.

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