We love having a fireplace.  Almost everyday last winter Andrew would put a fire in the fireplace in the morning.  Cole’s first months with us all began by a cozy fire.  We are anticipating another cozy winter (as Andrew posted last week).

However, my husband almost rolled his eyes when I mused that I was thinking of changing the mantel decor . . . I say almost because I am married to the most amazing man on the planet, and he is always so respectful and open to whatever ideas I throw at him.  He thought our mantel was fine.  Here is what it looked like this morning . . .

It was fine, but it was a too summery, and he could give me that.  It was time to change out the beachy hurricanes . . .

But he let me give it a try . . . I am no decorator, but we both are pretty pleased with the little changes we made and the feeling of autumn that is now in the air in the living room.

We played around with it a bit together and decided that we wanted to go with symmetrical, because we are simple and we are novices at this.  We just did a couple of groupings.

We changed the picture with a painting.  And added Cole’s rocks of blessing from this summer (we dedicated Cole and each person painted a rock with a blessing for him).

Here is our first foray into seasonal decorating.  We both love that it isn’t permanent and that we are marking a new season together in a tangible way.  We are still staying true to who we are, it is simple, balanced, and was easy to do.

This post was inspired by thenester.com.  Where it is linked to Fall Mantel Party