Andrew and I took the month of September to try and transform our living to be a bit more green.  You can see our goals and posts here, here, and here.

This is our final week of setting goals.  We have been adding to our green lifestyle cumulatively  throughout September, so as we are deciding what we want to continue doing we have only one goal for this week.

Week Four:  Eat Sustainably

Goal: Buy Only Local Fruits and Vegetables

No Impact Man chose to Eat Locally.  All of his food had to be within a 250 mile radius . . . we were going to try that for a week, but  . . . after trying to wrap our world around that we decided to go with this one step toward that big one.

We have been learning a ton . . . and look forward to sharing our lessons and our future goals with you.  May you too have less negative impact on the world materially and more impact on it in grace and peace.