I worked at Camp Fireside for a couple of summers when I was in college.  We would sing a song that went “Little by Little every day, Little by Little in every way, Jesus is Changing me . . . ”

Ever since then it is a mantra that I have used to remind myself that most things happen just a small bit at a time.

I love being organized, but the truth is it only happens a little at a time.  And sadly the way I organize it always seems to get much worse before it gets better.  Ever since I was little I have been pulling things all out and getting into the details of things . . .

Not so this month.  I did not have time for dozens of side projects.  We have done little projects all throughout the month and I learned to be pleased with what was accomplished and just note if there was more I wanted to do later.

An example is our kitchen drawers.  Throughout the month I would notice even if they were just bit disorganized.  Here was our worst offender:

One night after dinner, I just asked Andrew if we could take a few minutes and go through this drawer.  And with his accountability, it really only to a couple of minutes to go through this drawer, editing out what we don’t use, what we rarely use (went to another spot) and what we use regularly.  Then this drawer looked like this:

It only took a couple of minutes for that drawer, but then I had to do all the drawers.  That is pretty typical of me.  But Andrew was there and kept us on track and soon all the drawers were done.  Here is our silverware drawer:

Last Organizational Trip: Little by Little – Tackle it one drawer, one corner at a time.

September is over, as is Organizational Month for us.

Next month is 40 for 40 for me . . . I don’t know how often I will post.  If you are interested in the 40 for 40, let me know.  I will post if there is interest.