Today kicks off October, my birthday month.  I am taking an entire month to celebrate four decades of life in little ways.

Today I wrote a letter, I reflected back to my ninth year of life, and wrote a letter to my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. T.

9 year old Liza with her baby brother

I found her on Facebook after 31 years of not knowing where she was . . . and then Andrew and I sorted through folders in our basement so I could get my hands on this for inspiration:

Mrs. T. gave out Super Kid Awards at the end of every day.  I collected them, and taped them together to make banners and hung them in my room.  I loved bringing them home to show my parents.  I saved all of those awards . . . for a few years.  Each time we moved I let a few more go, until now when all I have left are two, only this one is readable.

I just wrote a letter to my teacher from my heart, no outline, no planning.  Then I read it to Andrew . . . and wept, like a little girl.  In writing the letter, so many memories flooded back, and with those memories, SO many emotions.

I am so grateful to get the opportunity to write my teacher and finally say thank you.  It was good for me to do.  I pray that it is good for her to hear.