I am fully enjoying my forty-for-forty . . . and we are just on Day 3!  This was our sunset on our way home tonight.

When we moved back to Massachusetts, Andrew became Facebook friends with his high school classmate, Jon Macadam on Facebook.  Since then we have both been admiring his work from afar.  You must check out his website; he is incredibly talented and his paintings are beautiful.

Today we journeyed to his home, where he and his family graciously showed us lots of his work.  It is all amazing and was so fun to see the paintings up close.  I really loved seeing his art work all throughout his home (we both were so caught up we forgot our camera).

We purchased a piece and we are both so enthralled with it.  It is in our living room and we have already returned to the look at it four or five times tonight.  Here is a glimpse for you . . .