Here I am at 30.  I loved everything about turning 30.

This is on the first mission trip I led for Grace Chapel.  And on the trip I met a wonderful women, Marcelle Ciampa.  She was a little bit older than me, and a bunch wiser, and had a heart of compassion and joy.

That was ten years ago and in the interim we have had a truly beautiful friendship.  We worked together at Grace Chapel.  She was there for all of the first days of dating Andrew.  At the same time I watched her children grow from teens to adults.  She and her husband Roy spoke at our wedding.

When I would come home from Texas, I would seek her out, because while we lived there I missed having her in my life.


Today she set aside  time in her incredibly busy schedule . . . she is completing her Masters, counseling, and blessing so many people.  And we went out to breakfast together.


I am so appreciative of walking through life beside other people.  Marcelle has been one of my companions and mentors along the way and I am so blessed.

It has been a lovely day reflecting on our friendship and how we met (I created a little Team Portugal Facebook group today to remind all of those great people of my love for them).

Back in 2006 I wrote a bit about Marcelle as a mentor.  Here is that page:

I celebrate my friendship with the Ciampas as I turn 40 and thank God for the ongoing gifts of Team Portugal!