I am good at Boggle.  I really do not have any special talents or skills, but I can beat most people at Boggle.  I am not bragging.  It is just a freak accident.  Here is our Boggle, I think it is from the 1970’s.

There is only one person who I have met that consistently gives me a run for my money in Boggle.  That is my friend, Tim.  He and I have not seen each other in seven years.  He came over tonight.  And brought flowers, that he had arranged . . . so amazing!

My friend, Andrew, from childhood also came over to indulge my birthday wish.  After dinner, three great guys feigned interest as we all played a favorite game of mine.  We don’t know the name of it, as the box was lost long ago.  We call it “The Spy Game.”

And then we played four games of Boggle . . . it was close . . .

In the end Tim beat me fairly, 26 to 25.

I didn’t let him win.

It was fantastic!

Thank you for giving me a super-fantastic birthday gift, Tim.

The pressure was on . . . and you pulled through.

You always have.

I adore you.