I don’t like shopping.  I have dreamed of a personal shopper, someone who knows me and will pick out clothes for me that fit me, fit my style and go together.  We don’t have the money for a personal shopper.  And if we did, I don’t know that it would be how I would actually spend my money.


But I found two websites that I really enjoy peeking in on, two different stylists that style for all kinds of occassions.  The first is Style Your Life with Jennifer . . .


I also like checking out what Jill over at JillGG’s Good Life (For Less) is doing . . .

So since it is my birthday month and we are celebrating 40 for 40, Andrew agreed that I could go for it and ask these two women for their advice on what I should be wearing.

I loved the process.

And here are some of the outfits that they sent back to me . . . I have already made one purchase.

Fun for the girl who doesn’t like shopping!


Outfits from Jennifer at Style Your Life



And here are some of my outfits from JillGG  . . . .


I honestly loved this process and the way it helped me think about clothes and shopping.