This is where I went to elementary school.  From kindergarten to sixth grade.  I was in the same school system for 12 years.  I grew up with a really wonderful group of kids in a really great part of the world, and I am deeply grateful.

I wanted to go back to school and share my old playground with my little guy.  My folks don’t live in this small town anymore, so we don’t get here as often as I would like, but we made an out of the way trip to share it with Cole.

He enjoyed it.

He went on the swings

These are original monkey bars, from back in the day.  Cole was impressed.

I love this picture.  I remember when they put these tires in.  And I hid in these tires once at the end of recess with my best friend, Mel Viets.  No one missed us!  We stayed outside in them for what seemed like forever . . . and never got in trouble.

Wait . . . let’s not have anyone tell HIM this story.  We don’t want to be giving him ideas!


What a fun experience to share with a new generation.  40 for 40 keeps bringing joy.