It’s my birthday!

And it has been a wonderful day.

Birthdays are personal reminders that we are to be grateful, and I am grateful for so much, there is so much in life to celebrate.

Today, on the day of my birth, I am grateful for the life I have been given, the experiences that have taught me, the opportunities that have been abundant and for the people I have been so privileged to share life with.

On my birthday, I thank my Heavenly Father for two beautiful parents, who brought me into the world in love and raised me in love.

For my birthday I celebrated with my mother, we had such a lovely time together and topped it all off with the yummiest cake ever.

I am grateful for my mom, for birthing me on this day forty years ago, and for encouraging me to passionately embrace life and the joy that it holds at every turn.

Happy birth-day Momma, how I love you!



Embracing 40 all the way!