I never lived in this house, but it is the forerunner of all my childhood homes . . . This house, the Foster Place, was a boarding house for skiers , founded by my grandmother, Ann Thomas Conklin. In 1940 the first chairlift opened at Mount Mansfield, and my grandmother and her friend, Jane Page, thought it would be fun to have a place for skiers moments away from the slopes.  My grandmother loved Stowe.  Here is a picture of her and my grandfather at the Foster place.

They purchased two homes on the same street, and my parents moved to Stowe when I was almost two.  We called this home the Big Red.

The Big Red, ages 1.5 to 2.5

I have my first memory in this house.  My mom had just made cookies, and then answered the phone.  I remember wanting the cookies to be cool enough to eat and for her to be off the phone.

Here is the Little Red, across the street, but I never really lived here, though I remember celebrating Christmases here.

Little Red, Stowe, VT

So my grandparents came to Stowe, Vermont in the winters.  My parents chose to live in Vermont year round.  In 1973 they moved one town over to Morristown, Vermont.  I lived here.  I only have a couple of hazy memories of this house.

Morristown, Vermont, Ages 2.5 – 3.5

When I was three, we moved to this house in Hyde Park, Vermont.  It did not have the black porch.  I have wonderful childhood memories of this house.  It was the first house my parents purchased.

Cleveland Corners, Ages 3.5 to 7, Hyde Park, Vermont

My dad became a realtor, and we began to move some more . . . off to two different places where my parents were “caretakers.”  First we lived at this house . . .

Ten Bends, Ages 7 – 9, Hyde Park, Vermont

We moved from this house, below town, up to the top of a hill.  This next house had a mile long driveway.

House on the Hill, Ages 9 – 14, Hyde Park, VT

I loved this house as a kid.  The entire lower level was mine, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a playroom. My brother took his first steps on that deck.

When I was 14 my parents finally moved into town, much to my delight.  When I think of home, I think of this house in Hyde Park.  I miss it.

Commonwealth Ave., Ages 14 – 18 (and beyond), Hyde Park, Vermont

I love houses, and I love that I got to live in these six different homes all while I stayed in the same school.  So fun to return to each of these places and the memories they hold with my husband.  May we embrace where we live and make wherever we are home.