Welcome to one of my favorite spots in the world: Halibut Point.  I love walking down the sweet wooded path that leads to this view . . . a fresh water quarry and beyond, the Atlantic Ocean.

I have come to this spot often . . . on my own, with Andrew and now, with Colton.

In 2008 I came to this spot on my own and began to feel the first nudges toward motherhood.

In 2009 I again came alone and cried when we were told that baby Cole would not come to be with us.

In 2010 we dedicated Cole here with our family and friends.

Colton’s Dedication

There are numerous places on the North Shore of Boston that I consider Sacred . . . places to go and be reminded of what is important and what is not, places where I find myself inspired, places where I find myself in awe of our Creator and His creation.

I wanted to be sure to take the time to drink in one of these places this month.

It was a glorious fall day.

It was the first time I put the Ergo on by myself.

It was once again more than what I anticipated and exactly what I needed.

It was incredibly special sharing it with my little guy who wanted to talk and touch and see the whole time.

Halibut Point is a gift to me as I turn 40, a gift of beauty, peace, and inspiration.

Perhaps you too need to follow a path toward peace today.  Remember the invitation is always there.


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