Judge Lewis and his clerk Colton would like to let you know that it is official!

We drove into Boston with Mimi and walked up to the Courthouse.

And waited in this big open area while everything was prepared.

Cole enjoyed the view from the Ergo and was very patient while we waited.  He is holding a present, a little monkey, given to him by his lawyer, Nancy.

We were brought into a courtroom (that’s Cole’s caseworker Julie on our left).  Diane went over the paperwork with us.

While the judge read all of the court documents, Colton was invited to run around and even sit in the Clerk’s chair.

Then the judge invited us up to his bench.  He gifted Cole with the book The Lorax by Dr. Seuss and gave Cole a stuffed Lorax.

And then he pronounced it officially.  Colton is our little guy.

What a wonderful day for the entire Sharpteam.