Our friendship began on the other side of the world . . .

It was 1991.  I spent my summer in Papua New Guinea on a tiny island off the coast.  Just before I left the country I was in a Bible Study where there was devastating news.  A young woman, my age, who had been serving the same summer as me was deathly ill.  No one was sure what was wrong with her, but she was dying.  We were asked to pray for her family who would be soon hear news that every parent must dread.

I remembered the waivers and legal forms I had signed when I traveled to this tiny country.  I had signed a paper about what would happen with my body, were I to die overseas . . . and this young woman would, and her family would suffer deeply. I prayed for her, and her name was seared into my heart.

Which is why when a young woman introduced herself to me by that same name, Kelly G– six months later, I paused.  “I prayed for someone named, Kelly G–, but she died.”  Kelly didn’t skip a beat, “That may have been me.”

When we compared our stories I found that Kelly had miraculously lived, and was thriving and attending my college on the East Coast!  I graduated, and years went by, but our paths crossed again.  And since then we have worked to remain in touch.

We spent years praying together weekly.

That sweet face is in between her father, whom we prayed for together, and her beautiful mother.  That is my flower girl and Kelly’s oldest child.

Kelly is absolutely one of the wisest women I know, and the most down-to-earth at the same moment.  I admire her with awe and cherish her friendship deeply.

We celebrated my thirtieth birthday together.  And she was amazing and set up a little celebration for us for my fortieth.  She picked me up and we walked  . . .

. . . . to the Wenham Tea House!  It has been ages since I have been to this sweet place (over a decade).  It was the perfect place to celebrate.

The food was delicious . . .

And the company was my favorite.

It was a perfect celebration of life, love, and friendship.