Heidi is my friend that can make every kind of experience fun.  That is her on the left in red, and I am on the right in blue (that is my friend Kelly, from Experience 16, next to Heidi).

Heidi and I became friends on the streets of Salem.  We were in a show together.

And I laughed every single day because Heidi is one of the funniest people I know.  She is joy personified in many ways . . . though she is not always joyous, and talking with her makes me really think and encourages me to become a deeper, more thoughtful woman.

One of my 40 for 40 was to see her, and I really didn’t know if it would happen . . . but she is a great friend and took a bus up from New York City.  She is a full on city girl, and I miss her so much.

We talked for hours and hours.  I didn’t want to stop at all to take pictures, but here are a couple of the views as we talked . . .

. . .  and talked . . .

and laughed . . .

and somehow along the way we were able to catch up on months of moments.


In hours with Heidi I do laugh  . . . a lot . . . but even more I learn . . . about her, about me, and about our God.

I cherish this friendship.