I love Salem, Massachusetts.  This building is the Custom House, built in 1810.  Nathaniel Hawthorne worked here in the 1840’s and the opening of The Scarlet Letter is in this building.  It overlooks Salem’s port . . . I was sad there was a truck parked out here when I visited . . . the walk out to the little light was a favorite of mine when I lived in Salem.


I lived in Salem from 1996 – 2002 in two different homes.  I loved them . . . welcome to my Winter Street place


Then I moved to closer to the ocean to this sweet little place (this is where Andrew picked me up on our first date) . . .

So I love Salem because I lived there, because I worked there.  Because it is a city on the ocean and a city of history.

I think you would like it too . . .

So you know that I asked Heidi to come visit for my fortieth birthday and that we performed together in Cry Innocent. So what I really wanted to do was to visit Salem with Heidi, and I loved every second of it.

Here is Heidi in front of the Friendship.  It came into the harbor while we were working together in Salem.

The streets were filled with people.

We stopped at Bridget Bishop’s stone

And we did it . . . we snuck in the back door of Old Town Hall


We were both struck by the smell and it transported us back.  We snuck up the back stairwell

We peeked through the door as the audience voted on whether or not to hang this generations Bridget Bishop.  So many memories with my dear friend.

Thank you, Heidi, for peeking with me through the window of our past . . .

It was a beautiful view.