These are not my feet.  I took a picture of my pedicure, but it is just not so pretty . . . so the pictures today are from the web.

I definitely got more manicures and pedicures when I was single.  Now it is a treat, but it has not been as much of a treat as of late.

I decided to treat myself for my 40th.  It feels like a luxury, and one that I definitely do not need to imbibe in often.

Then I got a hair cut, just a trim, but this time I went for the wash and the blow-dry.  I never do that because it costs more and just seems silly, but I thought it would be a treat.

I do love having my hair washed.  It reminds me of my summer in Mexico without hot water.  I crossed the border to get my hair cut and got it washed with hot water, such a wonderful luxury.

I did not love having it blow dried . . .

My head still hurts from the way she yanked at it.

So I treated myself . . . but lesson learned . . . these treats do not bring me any where near the joy of my times reflecting with family and friends.