My love of history has grown over time.  In high school I found it mildly interesting.  In college I enjoyed it more.  Living on the North Shore of Boston increased my interest in local history and traveling brought new perspectives and new interests.  Cry Innocent certainly began a journey of learning history in a whole new way and tutoring it has really helped me understand history on a deeper level.  Moving to Texas made me miss history.  Andrew and I would drive to “historic downtowns” in little towns outside Houston and were always disappointed.  We missed New England.

So returning to Massachusetts, it has been a goal to get to Plimouth Plantation, and we finally did (with our Groupon coupons).

It was a wonderful day traveling through time and many different places.

We began in a Wompanoag village


We traveled by the water

And up to a seventeenth century English village

We loved exploring the village and the houses

We then headed to the Mayflower II

And Plymouth Rock

It was a great day where we learned and laughed and really loved watching our little guy explore whole new worlds  . . . with us.  Good days.