Not a picture of me.  I am too shy for such exploits, but this is kinda like my massage, though I was much more in the dark.

I got my first massage when I was in my twenties.  I was amazed by it.  I remember the best parts for me were having my earlobes massaged and my knees massaged.

The  massage I am to this day most grateful for was one I saved my pennies for and scheduled the day after a retreat that I had planned for 150 senior high students.

Liza covered in pudding (in red) at Senior High Fall Retreat 2000

Every retreat like that I gave everything I had, and it was so restorative to have a time that was scheduled where I had to lay down and just be.

It was a good lesson for me, to learn how good it is to pour myself out and how important it is to take time to be re-filled.


May you and I continue to pour out . . . and continue to discover ways where we are filled.