My alma mater, Gordon College, is located on 450 acres on the North Shore of Boston.  It is a beautiful campus (Andrew and I were married overlooking this pond).  And it holds tremendous memories for me.

I have adored working with college students in the past.   For my 40 for 40 I wanted to return to the campus for me and I wanted to pray for those students as well.  Cole and I headed out on a prayerwalk.

When I meet one-on-one with students/leaders, I often check in on how they are doing in specific areas.  And that is how I prayed for the students today.

I prayed for them physically, that they would be healthy, that it would be a campus that encourages health and that students would find themselves embracing health.


As we walked by the Student Center, where I ate hundreds of meals, had dozens of meetings, and hung out at what was once the “snack shop,” I prayed for the students socially.  I pray that as they interact with each other they have healthy community.



As we walked by the “bell” that is traditionally rung when a couple gets engaged.  I thought of all the emotions that college students experience.  I prayed for the students emotionally. I do pray that there would be healthy relationships.


Students are on campus to learn.  So I do pray that while they are at Gordon that they are growing in wisdom.  I prayed for the students academically.  Here is the library and main academic building on campus.  I love Jenks Learning Center.



Gordon College is a non-denominational Christian College, a community of Faith and Learning.  I grew so much spiritually while I was at Gordon.  We walked by the “new” chapel, and I prayed for these students spiritually.  I pray that they are growing in faith and that these are tremendous years for them.


I didn’t just pray for the students.  I prayed for the faculty and staff.  I pray that they too are connected and growing and that there is a balance in their days physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  Here is the building where many of my professors’ offices were.  It is also the building where Andrew and I had our wedding reception.


And I prayed for this little guy who is so quickly becoming a big boy.  I pray that he, like Christ, would grow “in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” ~ Luke 2:52.








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