Happy Halloween


We had a really wonderful Halloween experience this year.

I have actually spent tons of Halloweens in Salem, Massachusetts, which is quite an experience (see why here – I played a witch).

But I really think this may be one of my favorite Halloween experiences ever.

We went to the theater.

Here we are in front of the head shots of all the actors.  Those are our friends Thomas and Andrew.

Thomas (on the left) goes to the Boston Conservatory, so he shared his school with us a bit today as we were so lucky to see such an incredible student production.  These were some really talented actors.  And beyond that I wish I could have taken pictures, because the set was great and versatile and fun, the make-up and costumes were so good and the lighting was excellent.  I am usually a pretty tough critic, but I loved this show.  Here is a little snapped photo of the set . . . It is a brand new facility, and they used it magnificently . . .

Those big barn doors opened and out came a spinning house thing . . . and they had these great stairs that they used like art, all over the stage.  The ensemble numbers were incredible.

Here they are on You Tube:


So wishing I could give you a real glimpse it was sensational.  Since I can’t show you them, Andrew and I pretended we were in a musical . . .

A wonderful reminder today how much I love the theater, and how it challenges me to see things anew.  Thank you to Andrew, Andrew, and Thomas. (Thank you to Mimi and Skip for watching Cole).  And two big thumbs up to the Boston Conservatory . . . wonderful.