Our wedding ceremony was performed by two people, Gordon and Gail MacDonald.  I don’t know anyone else who has done this, but I loved having a man and wife speak into our lives about becoming man and wife.  And I loved having this man and this woman speak into our lives.

Gordon MacDonald was my pastor and leader at Grace Chapel.  I went through a year long Leadership Development Initiative meeting weekly with Gordon and Gail and about twelve other young people.  Andrew grew up with Gordon as his pastor.  I love, admire, and appreciate Gordon and Gail tremendously.

For my 40 for 40 I was hoping to hear them teach somewhere . . . sometime, and was able to do so today at Gail’s invitation.

Vision New England (an organization that Andrew worked for when we met) was hosting an afternoon with Gordon.  It was wonderful.

Gordon is a gifted teacher, speaker, pastor, and discipler.  I could listen to him teach for hours.  He has a wonderful, easy way of speaking.  I also find him tremendously thoughtful and wise.

I got to connect with Gail for a bit, and she exudes grace and wisdom herself . . .

Here I was ready to take notes

About a dozen pages later . . . I am now thinking about lots of new things and preparing to read Gordon’s new book . . .


Today was a wonderful gift to my soul.