My guess is that it is something from the Martha Stewart pages, all those labels and such, I found the image on google.

This is not my closet.

I live in New England, and finding a home in New England with real closet space is a challege (unless it is a newly built house).

We bought a home from the 1920’s, and I was thrilled to find a simple almost walk-in in our master.

The day we moved in we received a phone call surprising us with the news that, if we were ready, there was a baby boy ready for adoption.  We got to work readying the house.

My closet was low on the list of priorities . . . for a long time.

Here is what it looked like:

I hated going into it.

It is a cedar closet . . . but it felt dungy and dark to me.

Transforming it was not all that difficult.

We cleared it out, and painted it.

We looked up painting cedar ahead of time, and it did require a special primer.

The other changes were minimal:

  • A hurricane shutter
  • A mirror (one we had and painted white)
  • A rug (we had from Ikea),
  • A shelving unit from Target
  • 3 boxes from the Container Store.

Simple changes.

But I am finding that simple changes can make a big impact.


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