This is my elementary school.  I grew up in a small town.  I went through twelve years of schooling with many of my classmates.  One of them is Jane.

I have loved Facebook, it really has allowed me to reconnect with lots of friends from the past.

Jane is not on Facebook.  Often when I would “become friends” with people from high school they would ask me about Jane.  It always reminds me that I am sad to have lost track of her.

We were good friends in high school.  For years we ate lunch in the French Room with Katy.

We had “a song” that we would sing with our friend Kelly inserting our names into it.  I loved Jane.

Back in September when I decided to do 40 for 40 I announced that I would be looking for Jane, and since then many people had chimed in on where she might be . . . but all through October none of those leads panned out.


So this week in the midst of running errands I just did it . . . I tried her old phone number from high school.  I still remember it.

Her mom answered and within minutes I was dialing up a number in a nearby state . . .  and there was Jane!  She sounds just the same.

I found Jane!

And I found out that for a while we lived within ten miles of each other in Massachusetts!  She sounds great.  She is married with two little boys and is working at an Ivy League School.

With all the technology at my fingertips, a number from the 1980’s helped me find my friend!