In 1999 I moved to Matamoros, Mexico for the summer to work with Adventures in Missions.  I lived in a house with 14 other women.  They were the Mexico interns.  I missed my good friend Kelly’s wedding to be with them throughout orientation . . . but one of them missed orientation all together.  I was doubtful of her commitment and her ability, she was only 18 years old and was late because she was at her High School Graduation.

But from the moment I met her, I adored her.  She is and was one of the most capable and beautiful women I know. Allow me to introduce you to Janeen.

Janeen is celebrating 30 this week.  She was born in 1980.  We celebrate the big decades together.

And we are now celebrating over a decade of friendship.  Here we are in 2000, once again in Mexico when she came to visit me.

Over the years we have connected in a number of different places . . . Georgia, Texas, New York, Boston . . .

Here she is with Ben at one of my favorite places, Halibut Point.

And she came to see us and stay with us  . . . so good to reconnect . . .

Cole was enamored, and so am I.  Thank you, Janeen for celebrating this decade with me!

Check out Janeen’s beautiful photography here . . . .