Here is one of our “family photos” just before I left for college.

I have found myself peeking in on other peoples blogs in these days, and have been particularly interested in other people’s family photos.  Here are a couple that I liked from

So for my 40 for 40, I thought it would be a great time to get professional shots of our family.

We started by asking a friend, that didn’t work, we found a photographer we liked, but that didn’t work.  We asked another friend.  And then we asked another friend, my mom’s husband Skip.  But it wasn’t really fair . . . he had a lot going on, we met as the sun was setting, and Cole is a handful and then his parents could not seem to get on the same page . . . so our photo shoot was a beautiful setting, day, time of day . . . but the Sharpteam did not perform.  Here are some out-takes from our “photo-shoot”

When it comes to sending out our Christmas Card, we are committed to being in the picture (for now), because I most like to receive Christmas cards not only of pictures of my friends’ kids, but with them in it . . . so we do have a Christmas card coming to you, but it is not any of these.

I am still grateful we did our little “family photo shoot”

And though he is hard to snap a picture of, this little guy is scrumptious.