We decided that when we took down the Christmas decorations, that the mantle needed a change too.  So now the Sharpteam is on their third seasonal mantle.  And this is our favorite mantle to date.

Just as a reminder here are our previous two mantles

Fall Mantel 2010

Christmas Mantel 2010

The reason we are both a little into our new mantel is because we decided to try and make it reflect our WORDS for the year.  And it does.  We went out shopping to try and find decor to reflect our words.  We found nothing, so everything we used was from our house.

Not everything on the mantel represents a word for the year, but everything on the mantel has meaning to us this year.  There are nine words represented . . . which sounds like way too many words to us, but we are doing things differently this year.

Explanations to follow later this week . . .