The first meal I cooked for Liza was a hamburger… literally… just a hamburger. No salad, no chips, just a bun and some char-broiled meat. Needless to say I’ve come a long way in my culinary endeavors (and thankfully Liza looked past that first meal).

We have continued over the years together to find ways of making dinner and meals easy. We did a lot of takeout our first year of marriage.

Gloucester House KitchenGloucester House Kitchen Year 1


When we moved to Houston, we tried cooking more in our little kitchen. Liza has always been great at finding good food and I love making it, we are a good team that way. I would call her before leaving work and we would try and come up with something to eat for that night. This conversation was then followed  by a stop at the Kroger on the way home.

Houston Food


We then decided planning for a week at a time would be easier and allow us to add some variety. We have taken this approach a week at a time for the past couple years which has been great. At the beginning of this year though, we decided to revamp things again, and go bigger, planning a month at a time.

January Meal Calendar

I can easily say that this has by far been my favorite approach we have had.

At the beginning of the month we came up with all the recipes we like and found a couple new ones as well. We then dispersed them evenly throughout the month.

We grocery shop every Saturday and the list basically makes itself.

Sunday is usually a soul food meal leaning towards something in the crockpot and Monday we decided to try new recipes.

All in all it has been an outstanding change. We are trying new foods, spending less time figuring out what to eat and have a greater variety to pull from when friends come over.

So to everyone reading, bon appettit!

Brad's Famous Chili (Cincinnati Style)

Brad’s Famous Chili (Cincinnati Style)