Here is Cole in his little playroom.  He gets half of our tiny sunporch.  The other half is Andrew’s Office.

It is just off our living room, here is the view from the living room.

And here is what it was looking like after the holidays.

Cole was becoming disinterested in this little play area and so was I.  So I took half an hour, pulled everything out, added a rug that we had stored in the basement.  We put the little chair in the living room and re-tried his Ikea table and chairs, removing the little toy chest.

Here is what it looked like after a clean out and a rotation of toys.

I should have taken a video of Cole when he discovered that it had been changed.  He was So excited and danced in the space.  He then meticulously looked at all of the toys.

Here he is the next morning.  He was obsessed with the basket . . . so I moved it . . . to the mantel (it had been on the bottom shelf of the bookcase housing the puppets and his new remote control car).

We will continue to rotate the toys.  It is always good to see things anew, and clearing the space allows us all to play more.

Happy playtime!