Tonight Susan is at a group home.  Tomorrow she will join our family indefinitely.

Andrew and I began doing foster care almost three years ago.  We agreed that doing Emergency and Short-term care was the best fit for us in our condo.

Today is the first time we have really considered fostering long term.

The call came unexpectedly.  I was tutoring.  Andrew skyped me.  And typing out our words to one another in between students we decided that this would be a good fit for us and that we were open to the placement.

Susan is thirteen.

Thirteen was the absolute hardest age for me.

I cannot imagine being Susan.

Most children that have come to be with us (with the exception of two) have come to us because of choices the adults in their lives have made.  Susan is similar.

We started this blog to connect with our family and friends about foster care, so tonight we ask you to pray.  Please pray for Susan, as she has so many transitions before her.  Pray for her as she comes to live with us.  Pray for us that we will be an encouragement and support to her.  And pray for our little guy, that this would be a blessing to him and that he would be a blessing as well.

We will keep you posted.

Open Hands.