winter Emergency Checklist

After getting our home emergency bin set, we started on the emergency bin for the car. Many of the same pieces found their way into the bin, but we added a few auto specific items. We included the first aid kit, bottled water, a variety of non-perishable foods and a blanket.

Auto Emergency Bin

We put the Life Hammer into both cars in the event of an emergency where we are stuck in the car. It has a blade to easily cut a seatbelt as well as a mini hammer to break a car window. The fashionably orange color is so it can be found easily underwater.

Life hammer

We got this great mini crank flashlight from LL Bean that is small enough to fit in the glove compartment.

crank flashlight

Finally we made sure to have jumper cables, an ice scraper and some sand for those snowy days.

Jumper Cables

We put our emergency bins in both cars and feel more prepared for whatever may happen.