For Fridays in the month of February, Andrew and I are going to answer a question.  Each of us will write a post about our marriage and share it with one another online . . . at 5:00 pm on Friday.  We will not see one another’s post until it has been posted for the world to see.  This week’s question:  What is one of your favorite Sharpteam memories?

This is the image that came to mind for me.

I love this moment and this picture and what it captures about us . . . .

The deal is that Andrew and I have been to some incredible places . . . we met on a trip into the beautiful jungle of Venezuela . . . we flew over waterfalls and  worked under the most beautiful sky . . . my husband is good at adventuring . . .

We have travelled together to tremendous places . . . Thailand, the Caribbean, Central America, Africa, Europe, all around the US . . .  my husband has been up for any adventure, and I LOVE that about him.

But what I love even more is that he truly will embrace the adventure in the midst of the mundane, in the midst of what is hard, what doesn’t feel beautiful.

The picture at the top of this post is in Houston.  Houston, no offense, truly, to our Houstonian friends, was not the most beautiful city.  But we committed to be there for three years, and while we were there Andrew helped me to find the beauty, the adventure.

So I love our memories of discovering the adventures in the midst . . . here are some other images of adventures found in unexpected places.  Andrew will recognize these images from mundane places . . . two of them are at rest areas!  He knows how to find the adventure in everything.

My favorite Sharpteam memories are so often how you, Andrew, find the beauty in the moments of in-between.  I am in love with adventuring with you!