Gloucester House

When we were first married, Liza and I found ourselves asking the question, “How do we do this?” in a variety of places; with our finances, combining our things, and having a spiritual life separately and together. Today we are writing a bit about how we have integrated our spiritual lives and morning routines.

We were very blessed to have a sweet little house in Gloucester MA our first year of marriage.

Both Liza and I take time in the mornings to pray and to read scripture to begin our day. It is grounding and centering for us. We had both done this for years individually and were unsure how to do this as a married couple. Our little Gloucester house provided great space to spend time on our own in different rooms, and to then come back together and pray as a couple.

This practice has become part of our mornings for the past 7 years.

As we begin another year, we have added to our mornings to find a rhythm together. We still spend time getting ready for the day. We also prepare a white board the night before which outlines what is happening in the coming day. This has been wonderful for both of us to know what is coming up and to know who will pick up Cole or run errands at various times during the day.

to-do-listWe include things that need to be accomplished and usually spend time after breakfast getting one of the tasks for the day done together.

At the end of the day we reflect together over all that we have done and setup a new schedule for the day ahead. It has been a wonderful practice and had greatly helped us integrate even further all areas of our lives.