We set the table last night.  We both wanted today to begin well for Susan . . . it was Valentine’s Day AND her first day of school.

Last night we prepared  . . . .we had gotten a new school bag and packed it with all the necessities, I am a tutor, so being prepared for school is one of my fortés.  Here is my list of things one needs for school.

Susan chose her outfit.  We talked through her schedule, how she would go through her day.  We rehearsed questions that might be asked and answers she could give.

This morning was all just the little extras . . .

A sign, balloons, chocolates, flowers, and a basket of Valentine’s presents.  She did not know what to do.  But she did smile and say she was feeling good as we toasted with orange juice to her first day of school.

So as you celebrate Valentines Day today, there is a girl in the Northeast who is looking into the eyes of people she has never known before.  It is a whole new kind of day for her.  My prayer is that she would see grace, acceptance, joy, and peace.  Thank you for journeying with her and with us.  May you bring these gifts to all you encounter.

. . . And if anyone has any tips on how to get a teen girl to keep track of time without having to announce the time and tell her multiple times that it is time to go . . . would love the insight.

Sharpteam is making a new plan about this tonight.